Google Developer Technology Vision Resonated with Developers in China

Sunday, December 21, 2008 | 10:16 PM


The annual CSDN Conference of 2008, the largest independently organized developer conference in China, took place from December 4th to December 6th, 2008 in Beijing with more than 1,000 attendees from the software and IT industry. Dozens of companies participated in this event as sponsors and brought their engineers and marketers to perform product demonstrations and present their product roadmaps to the conference attendees. Among them the notables multinationals were: Google, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Nokia, nVidia, and Sun Microsystems. Google provided Gold Level sponsorship to demonstrate its full support for the healthy development of web technologies in China. Many leading Chinese web companies were also there to showcase their innovations.

CSDN, recognizing the strong desire among the web developers in China to learn the latest Google technologies, organized a special track of Google developer technology sessions. Google China's Developer Relations and engineering teams presented to the audience introductions of Google Maps API, Google Gadgets, Google iGoogle APIs, and the upcoming new Android mobile platform. As the event participator from Google, it was very gratifying for me to see so many of you showed up at the Google's sessions, asked a lot of questions, especially nearly 100 people stayed until the very last moment of the conference on December 6th, a Saturday afternoon, to hear the Android session. Nearly 1,000 people listened to the keynote speech by Baogang Yao, and close to 2,00 people showed up at my Google developer relation introduction session. We very much appreciated your enthusiasm and interests.

Even though we had a very scant display at Google's booth, we still saw a large crowd of developers showed up to take our fliers and chat with us. We appreciated the opportunities of directly engaging with you at events like this, and in the future similar events, we will try to make it better in our display booth.

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  • CSDN is the largest developer network and IT publication powerhouse in China, with 2.7 million registered users and 1.6 million active on its web site, 100,000 blog authors, 10,000 active Experts, and 4 million page views. CSDN web also has 40 million tech topics, 1 million tech articles, 1,000 tech books published.

Hope to see more of you there at next year's CSDN Conference, as well as at many other Google events across the Asia Pacific in 2009!

Bill Luan
Technical Program Manager
Developer Relations
Google China