OpenSocial Summit in Korea

Wednesday, December 3, 2008 | 8:37 PM

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We hosted the OpenSocial Summit in Korea at the Google office on November 18, 2008, and it was the 1st OpenSocial event with Korean OpenSocial partners and developers.

We first were planning to host 60 people and send invitations to 80 developers and partners. However, we got 94 RSVPs and more than 90 people came to the summit. The room at the Google Korea office was literally packed. About a half of the attendees were from large Korean portals and social networks including Daum, Paran, Cyworld, SK Telecom, Nexon, and Neowiz. The other half were developers, from independent developers to large Korean content providers.

During the summit, Google gave three presentations.
- Mickey Kim: OpenSocial update and why OpenSocial
- Chris Schalk & Jiwoong Lee: OpenSocial technical overview + technical presentation & demo for containers
- Arne Roomann-Kurrik & Yung Choi: Technical presentation & demo for application developers

Also four OpenSocial containers in Korea gave impressive presentations.
- Daum: Talked about four reasons for OpenSocial, which are 1) Rich widget, 2) Participations of developer community, 3) Strengthen Daum's community services, 4) Reliability.
- Paran: Talked about how OpenSocial will make Paran more open and social ans how Paran is partnering with and supporting key applications developers in Korea.
- Myspace Korea: Talked about how Myspace is using OpenSocial to operate Myspace developer platform and MyOpenSpace API.
- IDtail: Showed entertaining and interactive demos of IDtail's OpenSocial applications.

In the afternoon, we had two break-out sessions.
- OpenSocial round table: Containers and developers freely discussed random issues and networked.
- Hackathon: Many developers won OpenSocial T-shirts! :)

Thank you for all attendees and we look forward to more OpenSocial events in Korea.

Mickey Kim, New Business Development