Google Developer Day, Beijing China

Monday, July 20, 2009 | 10:13 PM

This year's Google Developer Day (GDD) in Beijing, China, concluded successfully on June 5th at the Beijing International Convention Center. Nearly 1800 people from all over China, including software and web developers, IT industry leaders, product managers, marketing managers, university professors and graduate students, as well as media and press, attended this year's event. The success of this year's event was represented by the rich contents of breakout sessions and the eager participation of various events by the conference attendees. Several event statistics below:

  • Attendees submitted 7,040 survey feedback forms
  • 14 partners and other companies participated in the partner exhibition display booths
  • 97 developers submitted Google technology application design showcase forms, and these showcase forms were displayed on a giant display board at the conference venue. Many attendees looked through these exhibitions with great interest, and taking photos of many displays to keep as references
  • This year's China GDD also included an evening entertainmnent with interactive knowledge sharing. 38 developers went on the stage to share their experiences and results of their innovations using Google developer technologies
  • A team of volunteers from the Google China office, showcased the various Google products
  • Many developers from leading web 2.0 companies in China displayed their company logos, these companies include developers who use Google Maps, Open Social, Android platforms: Mercedes Benz - Smart Car, Jeep China,,,,,,,, Huawei, ZTE, China Mobile, China Unicom, etc.

Many conference attendees have expressed interests in using Google developer technologies after seeing the innovation and success stories, we are very happy that our efforts provided them the motivation to innovate on the web.

Below are some of survey results:
  • 35% attendee's main goal is to learn new Google developer APIs, 21% wanted to learn more about the APIs they already know or use, 10% were most interested in listen to certain speakers, 15% were most interested in exchange with other developers, and 13% were most interested in exchange with other Googlers
  • 90% attendees said that participating GDD was helpful to their future job
  • 46% attendees said that by attending GDD, they are now likely or will use Google technologies in future development, while only 0.35% said they would still not use any Google technologioes
  • 49% attendees most interested in Google Maps、31% in Open Social, 30% in App Engine, 33% in Chrome and Web technologies, 29% in O3D, and 8% in AdWords API
  • 56% attendees thought one-day event was just about right, while 31% thought it was too short, and another 3% thought it was too long
  • 47% attendees said that they were "very satisfied", and another 43% said they were "satisfied", and only 0.6% said that they were "not satisfied"
The photos of this year's China GDD can be seen and downloaded here:  
Also, please watch out for the GDD web site for our posting of GDD sessions video recordings and slides download that we will post in the next few days.

We'd like to thank all the attendees and partners for this year's successful GDD in China! We listened to your feedback, and will try to make the event better next year. We look forward to the opportunity in the coming year for more collaborations between Google and local developers. Let's work together to promote the further development of web and web-based applications.

See you at GDD next year!

Bill Luan, Program Manager, Google China Developer Relations