Google Day Event at Sripatum University, Bangkok, Thailand

Friday, March 19, 2010 | 9:54 PM

Sripatum University in Bangkok

Students of Sripatum University gathered at the Google Day event

Linne Ha and Professor Singhirunnusorn at the Google Day

Google Program Manager Bill Luan presented Google Maps API and HTML5

Google Day

Googlers met with Dr. Pongkachorn and Bangkok BarCamp organizer John Berns

Google Day event organizers and volunteers post for group photo after the event

From March 9th through March 11th, 2010, Google organized a “Google Day” event at the Sripatum University in Bangkok, Thailand, as part of Google’s Word of Mouth project with the Software Engineering and Computer Science Departments of Sripatum University. Many students from these departments came to the event to help test Google’s speech apps in Thai. Prof. Benny Wasuwath Pongkachorn, Ph.D, and Lecturer Khomsum Singhirunnusorn of the Software Engineering Department also came to the event to provide assistance and guidance. John Berns, the organizer of Bangkok BarCamp community, also joined the event.

At the 3-day “Google Day” event, Linne Ha, International Program Manager of Google Research, working with a network of students and volunteers, conducted testing of local dialect for speech-to-text research. Bill Luan, Technical Program Manager of Developer Relations of Google, presented Google developer technology API trainings to the students and faculty staff at the university: “Introductioin of Google Maps API with business cases”, and “Introduction of HTML5 and the furrue of Web Apps”. During the event, Dr. Pongkachorn also conducted a Q&A session for the students to ask Bill Luan questions about Google technologies and Google corporate culture, while providing the translation between the students and the speaker.

After the event, Dean of Department of Informatics, Prof. Janjai Bhuripanyo, along with Dr. Pongkachorn, met with the Googlers and discussed the department curriculum plans for the future, and demonstrated the embedded application SDK tool developed by the department.

Google wishes to thank Sripatum University for the assistance and collaboration of this event. We look forward to further collaborations in the future in Thailand and in the Southeast Asia region.

Bill Luan
Technical Program Manager
Developer Relations,