Google's Asia Pacific Developer Blog is Born!

Monday, October 27, 2008 | 9:04 AM

Hello, Developers, welcome to our new Asia Pacific Developer Blog!

We've been very busy in the last few months preparing for the Google DevFest Tour, covering six cities in five countries - Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh and Manila. Having just wrapped up events in Shanghai and Beijing with positive responses from over 150 developers, the team is now on their way to Southeast Asia to meet more than 1000 developers in that region.

It has been a very rewarding experience for us to hear first-hand feedback from developers and see the amazing applications that they are working on. Our goal is to provide technology and tools to developers, who will, in turn, write first class applications that benefit the Internet as a whole.

So why another developer blog? There have been some very exciting activities around open platforms: Daum, the internet portal in Korea with more than 38 million registered users, has announced plans to implement OpenSocial. We've just concluded our first Google Developer Day in India on October 18th. And to top it off, we're excited to be on the road with the Google DevFest tour, given the staggering registration response that we've seen.

We'd like to use this blog to enable two-way communication with developers: to talk about what Google is doing for developers in Asia Pacific, to showcase great apps that developers in Asia Pacific have created, and to help overcome language barriers by bringing developers in neighboring countries together to share their experience.

A few of us from Google Developer Team (United States, Japan, China, India, Korea, Australia and Southeast Asia) gathered together last week in the Google Beijing office to discuss how to best engage the vibrant developer community here in Asia Pacific. Since you will see a lot more of us in the future, I thought it'd be fun to include a picture of us.

(left to right: Naoki Ishihara, Naomi Bilodeau, Bill Luan, Pamela Fox, Jason Costa, Mickey Kim, Vivian Li, Rajdeep Dua)

How would this blog be most useful for you? What would you like to see us doing in Asia Pacific in 2009? We would love to hear your ideas, suggestions and comments!

Vivian Li, Developer Relations, Asia Pacific


Å®çåñë ĉåñţïçłξ said...

First! Seriously, first? I was here a few days ago, expected a hoard of comments by now ... oh well, DevFest Sg was fun, would've loved for it to be more hands-on, as in really building apps ... learning by doing sorta thing. May be we can do more of that next time around.

On another note, thanks for acknowledging the existence of 'South East Aaia'. Hoping to see more of you guys. (:

Chee Wee said...

Please keep me updated on future dev updates.

Thank you.

Vivian said...

@Å®çåñë ĉåñţïçłξ Thanks for your feedback. We will definitely incorporate those recommendations in our future events. Perhaps with some of them are tech talks while the others are more for hacking.

- Vivian