51.com launches OpenSocial support for Chinese users

Thursday, November 13, 2008 | 1:04 AM

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As we wrap up the Google DevFest Tour in Asia Pacific (six cities in five countries), we are very excited to share that 51.com has launched OpenSocial support on the 51.com Developer Platform to their 31M+ users in China.

This launch is a significant milestone in the Asia Pacific region and welcome news for tens of thousands of developers in the region because 51.com is one of the leading social networks in China. Their support of OpenSocial immediately enables developers to write OpenSocial applications, which offers many benefits..

First, developers can develop apps that serve and reach a large user base with established viral channels in 51.com's vibrant online communities. Second, developers can migrate their OpenSocial apps with ease to any other social network that supports the OpenSocial standard. Lastly, developers building OpenSocial applications may choose to monetize their applications (e.g. through ads or virtual currency) resulting in sustainable long term business in an emerging ecosystem.

To learn more about OpenSocial application development on 51.com, go to the OpenSocial developer community on the 51.com Developer Platform.

Shawn Shen, Developer Relations