DevFest in Beijing & Shanghai

Friday, November 21, 2008 | 1:06 AM

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What a couple of weeks it's been! We completed the first two stops of the Google DevFest tour in Beijing and Shanghai with a total of 150 developers in attendance.

There were some great presentations on OpenSocial, the Google Maps API, and Google App Engine. These presentations were given collaboratively between our local product engineers in China and engineers that flew out from the Googleplex in Mountain View for two weeks. The presentations
can be found here:


There were also two presentations given entirely in Chinese, so for those that can read them, here those are:

**The Maps talk was translated on the fly, so there is no presentation in Chinese for that.

At our event in Beijing we also saw an announcement from, a very large social network in China, about their support for OpenSocial v0.8. hosted their own developer day the following week at their office in Shanghai. Pretty exciting stuff for OpenSocial!

Pictures from our DevFest event in Shanghai are here. The DevFest event in Beijing pictures are here.

Thanks to everyone who came out!

Jason Costa, Developer Relations, Asia Pacific


Kiula said...

Could you please not use tinyurl? It is blocked by my ISP (and many others I know) because of all the spam. Either use a decent service like snipurl or just give us the long url. Thanks.

networkfan said...

Hi there,

This is a great opportunity to trigger innovation on an open platform.

But I feel that in a world where we are increasingly seeing software offered as a hosted service, it becomes really critical that there is a strong tie between the network and the applications, more importantly in a secure manner.

What the world really needs is an open network platform. I would like to see the likes of Google, and Cisco push towards such an open platform - Open up the network APIs, Google development infrastructure APIs...

Similar to Google's developer contest, I believe Cisco is running a similar initiative :

I haven't look into the details, but looks like they are hosting Linux platform in their routers and opening up the APIs..