Google Developer Day, Bangalore Oct 18th, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008 | 11:21 PM

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We hosted India's first developer event in India on Oct 18th in Bangalore, Google Developer Days are a chance to learn about Google developer products from the engineers who built them. This event received an overwhelming response from the developer community with an attendance of about 250 - 300 developers. It was amazing to see how enthusiastic developers in Bangalore are about Google's Developer Offerings !

The event started off with a key note from Prasad Ram who heads Google Labs in Bangalore. His keynote address gave an inspiring journey we have made in the field of computing, from era of main frames to desktop taking over in many areas, and finally cloud computing making a come back. This was followed by elaborating on Google's offerings on the client side platform for cloud computing as well our foray into Mobile market with launch of Android as an open source project.

Extracts from the online article by Anand Parthasarathy from Hindu.

"Create your applications using our ‘Open’ software tools. Then run it on Google infrastructure. We will take care of all the technical and administrative problems. We will run your applications till they attract 5 million page views a month. Then you know it works - and you can monetize it in any way you like”.

Developers were really excited and engrossed throughout the day in tech talks as well as code labs covering areas like Google Maps APIs, OpenSocial, Google App Engine, Google Web Toolkit and Indic Translation APIs. Session details can be found here.

Last but not the least, feedback from the developers were very positive and heartening.

"It was an interesting day. Google speakers were pretty awesome and I think that I found amazing was that they were very keen on getting feedback on their tools and api from the audience. I also found every googler using chrome and deploying all their sample code on app engine. A true eat your own dog food environment. (Prateek Dayal)"

"In its first edition of GDD India it was a very good start. My suggestion would be to plan a 2 day event for GDD 2009 with tech talks on the first day and hands on sessions on the second day. (Anurag)"

Don't forget to check out the photos as well as videos and presentations from GDD India 2008. Thank You Developers in India for making this event successful and see you at Google Developer Days in 2009.

Rajdeep Dua, Developer Relations, India


Ajay Kumar said...

We have just finished the discussion gadget that we had started that day. It uses GWT for the front end, the app engine for the backend, the transliteration api for indic languages and the gadgets api for packaging.

To top it up it is available as a toolbar button for everyone else to use.

What a great day of interactions and learning.

Vivian said...


This is very neat, thanks for sharing!

Ajay Kumar said...

Thanks for the feedback. I hope some end users like it too. :)

I forgot to put the hyperlink for the toolbar button last time. So here it is if you want to play with it.